Show vertex?

Hi All,

Is it possible to display the vertices of two different meshes of the scene at the same time without being obligated to join these two meshes?

Thank you! :slight_smile:



It is a pity! I know that this function exists in Maya…it is useful when you want to adjust the vertices of the meshes

Honestly GreyBeard, in the years I’ve been on this forum, I think this is the first time I’ve heard you say a flat out No. C’mon. Dont give up that easy. Surely there is a way…

Marcdid: most of us just use the edges to align up the meshes of two objects, editing one to meet up with the other. Tab, right-click, Tab to switch between the two makes it really fast to switch between them.

You can open up two blender instances and within each instance you should open up the 2 identical files. Then on blender instance (a) you edit mesh (a). On blender instance (b) you edit mesh (b).

Then you just save them both to the same file when you need to.

A nice monitor (or two) would help:) But split screen could work. Just like working in 2 different windows it should work. Of course I never actual did this before but since you asked.:eek:

btw, joining thin splitting would be easier prolly

if you want to snap the vertices to identical positions, just select the fist one, go into edit mode, select the vertex, then do shift s >> snap cursor to selection. then do the same with the other object, but this time do shift s >> snap selection to cursor.