Shower head fluid simulation

Hey, So I have been trying to find a way to create a realistic water simulation of a shower head spitting the water out, I have been struggling to get this done, I have explored using multiple fluid emitters, but that never seems to even begin working. I also tried creating a shape and filling it with liquid to create pressure, and that also did not work. Has anyone had any experience at all doing something similar/ and or have a suggestion for how I could possibly get this done?

Hi, the nearest i got to fluid shower simulations was using an upside down bowl as a deflector, and using initial inflow upwards into the bowl on the z axis set to 1.0 .

I tried something similar once. It wasn’t a shower but a type of water sprinkler for extinguishing fires. The principle was pretty much the same as a shower, though only with more preasure.
Anyway, I never found a way to make it work in Blender. I tried Mantaflow, Elbeem, FilpFluids Addon, Particle System, SmokeSim and all of them combined with each other. Nothing worked. We ended up doing it in post.

Some tries were kind of allmost there but nothing looked good enough. If you find out I’d be very interested.

So this is what I have come up with thus far, I personally feel like it looks extremely fake. I tried doing this with a particle system with metaballs. I wish I could randomize the intensity of individual verts as the emitter to be able to gain more control over the gaps and spaces in between the water. Any suggestions? (Does anyone know if I can use two separate particle systems that will both interact with one another?)