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I am a newbie, Tried looking for this a lot. could not do it. Its like I want to show some text by adding property to a plane UV mapped and textured with a font file (arialbd.tga). But it doesnt work for me. Doesnt show up when I render. Could you help me out with this please? I need to show some text on the plane. Thank you very much.

do you want text in a render or the GE?

I UV-mapped a cube with just a plane picture and then went to materials and enabled TexFace and it worked fine for Me. If you UV-map somthing it won’t show up in the render window until you enable TexFace. Are you trying to place a font file in the plane?

Blending Online has the best text tutorial. Couple mistakes commonly made, the text property must be capitalized as “Text”, the font must be a specal font. Arialbd is probably right, it should be a tga file, one you downloaded, not a jpeg from the site. There really isn’t much more to it. You select the face, reduce the border so it just covers the “@”, and click on the text property in modeling menu along with alpha.

if you need text in the GE check this example file:

Text In The Game Engine

:smiley: enjoy

Thanx to you guys for coming back to me with this. But I want to show the text in the render window. When I was looking for it on the net and forums, I thought adding property like that might help me.
Could anybody guide me if it can be done like that?
If not any other ideas? Thanks again.

space, add, text

no Braveheart,
Not like that.
I want to do it using python script.
ok lemme explain. its like i want to read frm a text file. and store the values i need from the text file into some variable. and then show them on the screen.
Now i m wondering whats the best way to do it?
So applying texture and adding property might do that as i thought.
Do you have any suggestions for me please?

woah, are you trying to recreate notepad in blender? if so, i believe it’s already been done.

Hi Yeh I made a txt file reader that displays the lines like a book. It was intended to read the Etext books from the gutenberg foundation.

This is strictly for the game engine where you dont “render”(how I understand it) but display and manipulate “things” in real time.

so I am not really sure what you are trying to acheive. If you want text in a render then yeh, space bar add text otherwise go to
and download the EText Reader and see if it is sort of what you are after and I will show how it was all done.

Dr S