Shrinkwrap and mouth cavity

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m finishing a character that I plan to rig (with Blenrig6) and animate. I added a multires modifier on my retopologized mesh + a shrinkwrap modifier, works fine except for the mouth because of the mouth cavity of my low poly mesh. I can’t find a way for shrinkwrap not to affect the mouth bag ( failed attempt with vertex group with weight paint). Is there a way to achieve it?

Or am I mistaking and the mouth cavity should be separated from the main mesh, as well as the jaws and tong?

Should I have different objects (mouth cavity, 2 jaws, tong and eyes) and ‘parent’ them in a single rig? If yes, how?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

It’s usually completely fine to make the mouth part of the character.

When you try masking the shrinkwrap, does it fail to do anything at all, or does it work, but incorrectly? Because masking shrinkwrap should work and does work on my side.

Maybe the shrinkwrap modifier needs to be set to a different wrap method? I like to use “project” with both the positive and negative checkboxes active.