Shrinkwrap in svn

Shrinkwarp modifier seems to have made it into svn for those of us who build daily, i was happy to see it in my tortoise notes and my modifier stack

Oh goody =) I just build one today, didn’t notice it there.

Right, I’m off to dig out some of my old cloth experiments and see what can be done with a combination of cloth and shrinkmap modifiers. I have high hopes for this. Cloth is great on its own but I always have problems with the “fixed” parts of the clothes like waistlines penetrating the body. Maybe if I use shrinkwrap for those parts instead of goals and armatures…

bug in the svn 2.71 version pydrivers?
Does anyone use pydrivers in animation/posing? I noticed my pydrivers are ignored when pressing F12 for one still-image, even so the onscreen-3d-window shows first the animated bones - but after F12 those bones with pydrivers switch back to the default position and the render show no animation there … except the normal animated bones with ipo. But when i do a animation-rendering (anim-button instead of one-frame) it is all OK.
Can someone verify this?

You need to enable script links in the user preferences for pydrivers to work.

thanx for reply, this is not the reason

  • i checked it again, the button in the scripts-window is on
    and if i switch it of, then the 3d-view will no more show any pydriver animations (i think that is what it should do)
  • but if i turn it on (like the setting already was) the 3d-view will show the pydriver-animations and if i do only one-frame-render(F12) the render-image shows no pydriver-animations and the bones in the 3d-view jump back to non-animated position. I have to go 1 framestep up or down to see the pydriver-anims in the 3d-view again.
  • and if i do a whole animations-render (all frames) the rendered pictures show the pydriver-animations like the 3d-view does — it is only the one-picture-render that magically turns of the pydrivers - and shure i did check it with 2.46 blender version, and there is all OK.

and last: I use the svn-version from 24.august 2.47.1
and i had still no time to download the new-released 2.47 version to check it there

could it be they changed some script-defaults too …?