Shrinkwrap modifier loses shape after applying

Am doing retopology on an object with a mirror modifier, subsurf modifier, and shrinkwrap modifier (tried in that order and others), and once i apply the shrinkwrap it diverts back to a simplified topology. Tried applying mirror and moving around the modifiers but it doesn’t change anything. It seems to work if i apply the subsurf first but that kind of defeats the purpose of retopology? I think?

My issue is i need to adjust the mesh I’m trying to shrinkwrap but i cant, because with the shrinkwrap not applied it wont let me, obviously. What i need is to apply the shrinkwrap, not the subsurf, but have the mesh retain the shape it has before i apply the shrinkwrap.

If that’s not explained well enough (probably isn’t lol), i can post a .blend. Just seems like something that is easily fixed, but having a tough time finding answers anywhere else.

Can you post the screenshot of the modifier stack? Also it would be great if you can attached a sample blend file.

No problem. Plane.012 is the issue. Also had a thought, could it be because its open ended? In a way i suppose its just a plane, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with the shrinkwrap modifier so no idea if that would be a problem. Just need it to look how it does in the file, so closing it could be an issue but maybe not.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: Oh! i just realized i had a solidify on before, hence the wonky edges.


HelmetBA.blend (13 MB)

First you have to apply mirror and then subsurf modifier

And that wont effect the idea of retopology? Just curious cause applying it will raise the polycount.

Actually, this is the polycount of your topology ( a mirror modifier, or a subdivision are just “helper” for modeling) a mirror modifier will still have the same polýcount as if it was fully modeled, a subsvision will increase the polycount when render it following the level you choose ( whatever you apply it or not ) … if you want to lower it, theres different technic, use baked normal map ( transfered to an low poly object)…

Well I understand the use of the subsurf but I’ve just never applied it during modeling or even right before rendering, cause the point of it is to keep your poly count down. Which is why I said I want to apply the shrink wrap but not the subsurf. And I’m just using the mirror so I don’t do everything twice, not to lower my polycount. So in other words there is no way to apply the shrinkwrap but not the subsurf?

Sorry im not at home and can look at your file … but tomorrow i can look at it and have a better idea of it …

If you want to retopo it then, this should not affect it anyway …

You must think to the modifiers system and how it works, top to bottom.
All of them make ‘virtual’ modifications to the actual geometry of the object, and some of them (of the Generate type) virtually add or subtract elements to the real topology, providing for instance a greater definition to the deforming modifiers that are added below them, and it’s the case of a subsurf followed by a shrinkwrap, where the deformer has a dense ‘virtual’ geometry to displace; but if you want to apply the shinkwrap, that is to transform the deformed geometry into a ‘real’ geometry, without applying the subsurf that is on top, then the new geometry will apply over the real vertices and faces, losing the definition it had before when it performed its function on a ‘subdivided mesh’.

I hope I was clear enough, sorry for my English,

Sounds good, and i don’t plan to have it done by then anyway so tomorrow is fine, thank you.

Yeah that makes sense, i guess i was just hoping there was a way to get the effects of the shrinkwrap before the subsurf but like you said it would need the greater definition first. Thank you for the help!