Shrinkwrap modifier on particles?

Hi there, I have a bird/gryphon character with a lot of feathers which I control through a particle system. To make the feathers “stick” neatly to the model (they look quite artificial otherwise), I’d like to use a shrinkwrap modifier to kind of snap the tips of the feathers to the model. I have tried using a particle instance modifier on the feathers, and then a shrinkwrap modifier below that. The particle instance modifier is quite buggy though, and sometimes rotates feathers around 90 degrees, so the result is a little messy.

Is there any way to use a shrinkwrap modifier on a mesh used by a particle system that is set to OBJECT? I want all of the feathers to be shrinkwrapped, not just the single instance. But since a normal particle system is not a modifier on the instanced object, I’m not sure how I can achieve this…

Here’s why I want to use a shrinkwrap modifier:

Without shrinkwrap. (So messy…Ugh)

With shrinkwrap. (Muuuch better. But note the rotated feathers, they prevent it from looking believable)

Try using Mesh Deform modifier instead of Shrinkwrap.

I’ll try. How should I use this? I’m not sure how I should use Mesh Deform here…