Shrinkwrap not as expected.

So the majority of the mesh is fine with the shrinkwrap, except for one area where the front and back of the mesh are quite close. The size difference is pretty off with the subsurf last, and the mesh flattens to nothing with the subsurf above the shrinkwrap. Goal would be to have the shrinkwrap, shrink on to the mesh…

Trying to upload .blend but keep getting an error, even with small file size.

There we go.


BodyShrink.blend (14.7 MB)

Remove the inside faces and then scale just the area out until it shrinkwraps correctly. Re-Model them after you have finished the shrinkwrap process.


Sorry, but to clarify, you mean scale this area? I sorta figured out what you mean, once you leave edit mode it scales correctly, just wanted to double check. Also, when i go to Re-model the interior mesh, that would mean i need to apply the shrinkwrap and the subsurf, correct? And thanks again for the help Pappy.