shuttle with tracking, first try with cycles

How can I get rid of this awful flicker, using 100 samples here, should I set to 1000 ???

MY first try with cycles, using GregZaal shuttle already textured for cycles.

Edit :

using direct light preset, with AO here.

Edit :

I thought I could get decent render times using direct light settings, but cant really get how it’s lit.
Using a simple sun light, an env texture, anyway with cuda enbaled it’s seems acceptable for anims, trying with 1000 samples now, 2 min per frame in HD 720, not bad. hope it wont flicker then …

One thing I noticed is that Blender will flicker when there’s textures (and possibly details) that are really small so sometimes they disappear on some of the frames and not on others, I’m guessing with a high enough resolution the details will get rendered every frame and the flickering may go away, just my guess.
Or maybe you could try lessening any kind of normal or bump mapping around there.

1000 samples, still flickers, will see to lower textures resolution.

will add some effects also …