Siberian Tiger

Impressive work. You should post at least one image in the thread so it shows up in the finished projects forum as a thumbnail, otherwise people will miss it :slight_smile:

superb! thumbs up

yes buddy , just did that . thanks alot

Good job for tiger and nice texture from fur.

Excellent picture! You did a great job with the fur!

thanks alot guys . hope you guys have seen the video

The fur looks good; btw, especially by looking at the video, it’s clear that the model has anatomy errors and quite bad topology (and this is a pity, because, I repeat, the fur looks good).

hey , eve , the wireframe is a uv bake , so baked uvs on the tiger didnt come on perfectly … haha ya iv stared at cats for the leg shape , so i didnt consider topo , shape was the prime concern … but thanks alot … will Nail Topology next time … im glad u love the fur …

Very impressive, it looks absolutely ferocious !

Wow, good work! I like the video with the background music. Only the claws are a bit too white for my taste.

Hey, don’t take my words the wrong way, I think anyway that it’s a good job. :slight_smile: I also like a lot the tiger face and espression.

very cool . did u use fur?

haha , nah . always open to critics , im always learning . and u are right . the topo is abit shaky , but worked alot on the sculpt expression , that feel of the tiger and most importantly the fur …the fur i guess added life to the tiger … im glad u love the expression .

yes … i used fur in Cycles Renderer . and texture painted the fur . to get lighter and darker fur areas .

yes joe … i guess the gloosy mix was abit too much … the diffuse colour was perfect , i should have reduced the gloss value . thanks alot though