sickcows [dot] com open

hy there…

just started an open experimental animation series centered around blender, luxrender and more.

For more info/suggestions/contributions you can check out sickcows [dot] com

Gregus Mihai

Why are the cows sick?

:smiley: that’s a good one

donno… actually i had the domain for quite a while now.
It was ment for some kind of (collaborative) project but i failed miserably to get one up and running.

Anyway… i think/hope it will grow in some direction, now that i decided to make it open for everyone to download/collaborate on the blend files.

Maybe put a thermometer in the cow’s mouth instead of a flower, LOL.

Good luck with the project.

@kernond: thanx a lot dude… your tutorials helped me a lot…

i still don’t know blender well (cuz i’m dumb) …but thanx for your input on the project