Side by side videos?

I have a 2 videos (320x200) that I need to join in one, but side by side so the result will be (640x200).

I am sure that it is possible with Blender… Any idea how?

Yes. It can be done, and it’s pretty easy.

Just load both strips into the sequencer so that one lies vertically over the other (Channels 1 and 2 for example). For both strips, click the “Use Translate” button in the strip properties. For one of the strips, set the “X-Ofs” to 320. This will move it to the right side of the screen. Then, for the strip that is on the higher-numbered channel, change the blend type to “Alpha Over”.

That’s it, Just make sure to set your output size on the format panel to 640x200.

Thanks that was what I needed

Glad to help.