Side chair project

Hi all,

The inspiration for this project was a side chair from this website:
Initially, I thought I would recreate the chair to improve my modelling skills. Then, I decided to use a different material that I created with a texture generator. The chair seemed complete, but I didn’t like the form of the back metal plate that was attached to the wooden backrest, which aesthetically looked unfinished to me and detracted from the chair’s design, so I remodelled it.

After the chair modelling was completed, I looked for ways to give meaning to the side chair, but in a different way from how the original piece of furniture was represented. To give meaning to each colour, I came up with different verbal colour concepts and practical uses for them. The aim of the project was to make all the elements coherent and harmonious.

I am not a designer, so I don’t claim that I created something that adheres to design rules and guidelines, but I tried to make it look clean, readable, and pleasant to the eye. Let me know your thoughts. Any critique and suggestions are welcome.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Many thanks. You have a nice weekend!

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