Sideways animating

I am having problems animating a person when they are not in front/side view. What i mean by this is that if i have a person walking at a 45 degree angle it is very hard to animate it and find the right view. What can i do to solve this problem?

You can animate him walking forward in a straight line (say in side view), then use a Curve Modifier in the NLA Transform tab to make him walk anywhere.


You could also create a new camera and aim it down the x-axis while the character is at the origin. Then parent the camera to the character. Now, where ever your character moves, if you look at it in the camera view, you will be looking at the side of the character. If the character is controlled by an armature, parent the camera to the character’s root bone.

u could use rotate manipulator mode, right?

when rotated 45 degrees, yes, at weirder rotations it gets a little harder. The create additional camera’s trick would work, and there is the shiftV shortcut which aligns your view to whatever you have selected.

k thanks guys.