Siggraph 2014 AMD booth render engines

Hi AMD present Solid Angle (Arnold) and Otoy (Octane/Brigade) on Siggraph 2014.
What will they show. :eyebrowlift2:

Cheers, mib

This is really interesting. Really hope AMD found a solution for GPU rendering (even in cycles)
Also AMD doing a special promotion:

50% on a Firepro card. Finally we will have a serious competition in GPU rendering market?
Firepro w9100 look better than quadro.

this would be great, finally some serious competition in the rendering market :slight_smile:

I really hope it’s not only firepros.

It is. So the biggest hurdle in bringing OpenCL forward on consumer hardware is - again - AMD.

I don’t understand… are consumer amd’s cards crippled in openCL computing?

I would kill to see a solid opencl rendering cycles on amd cards. Even if it was FirePro only. I would finally pull the trigger on one of the new mac pros. :slight_smile:

Will they make the Linux drivers any better?

Solidangle will present a beta version of Arnold GPU (OpenCL).

Are you serious?? can you imagine Octane or maybe cycles on an AMD?? i would finally have my problems solved .

Yes, It has been announced in Arnold mailing list.