Siggraph 2018

Heya folks!

So this year’s SIGGRAPH conference is just a month and a half away. This year, it’s in Vancouver, Canada from August 12th through the 16th. As always, there’s going to be a couple Blender-related meetings in the Birds of a Feather track that are free to attend, whether you’re registered for SIGGRAPH or not. If you are going to be there, you can actually sign up to show your work in the Blender Spotlight meeting. As far as I can tell, there’s not an official Blender booth or anything, but Blender folks tend to coalesce in the same areas a lot.

So… is anyone else going? If you’re not going, are there any talks or papers that you want folks to report on? Any questions you want asked on the exhibition floor?


Surprise no-one hasn’t responded yet!

Siggraph is around the corner (this upcoming weekend). I am going to attend the Blender meetings, and looking forward to it.

Anyone else?

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I might be popping by :slight_smile:

in the meanwhile something to read :


OctaneRender for UnrealEngine 4 in 2019

Ton’s SIGGRAPH Report is up

Whole thing is worth a read obviously, but I found these interesting:


Dev Fund 2.0
how do we get Optix and MDL in Blender
official member of the Academy Software Foundation
Blender at Lucas Arts ( and his not sure presentation at the bConference)
Khronos gltf exporter & how blender can move to vulkan

over all all what he said is exciting, but those are the most excited thing i’m really excited about :smiley:

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