*sigh* how I realized through the whole possible Dragon delusion

You can read my post here
EDIT: see lower on the first page, one of the members over there suggested I should not link to their forum
Face it you guys, this including Jackblack, Dwarven Fury, and others were probably right.

The link above will explain a lot of things. Though I’m disappointed myself I had a strong feeling of truth in my mind that I am not a Dragon and have an idea of potentionally how strong the delusion may have been getting. And the fact the members there may have their delusions too though saying that there would lead to bad comments.

Dragon in human form, I wish I was atleast, but alas my urge to be honest and truthful has emerged and had to say it that I am just one man wishing he was a Dragon.

what??? that’s like saying that I hate shovels!

Though I’m disappointed myself I had a strong feeling of truth in my mind that I am not a Dragon and have an idea of potentionally how strong the delusion may have been getting.

Good for you. I read your post there. One thing folks ought to consider is that not only are they feeding their own delusions, they are feeding and supporting the same for others and perhaps promoting something that they shouldn’t.

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Well I got some replies over there and they say that questioning of who you are like that is normal.

If I find I am a Dragon, so be it.
If I find I am not, so be it.
If I find I am not and they have their delusions, so be it.

Anyway, one of the Dragons found my post here and thinks I shouldn’t be linking to other forums like that. If that’s the case then maybe I’ll save you the trouble of going there.

[NOTE: Long post and clearly what I really think is the truth.

In another topic I got this in responce to one of my posts

Quote:The other message to that is “don’t indulge in spiritual hypochondriac-ism”… meaning just because you read about something doesn’t mean you are or have that something.

having an acknowledges obsession with dragons and then ‘discovering’ your ‘draconity’ AFTER reading about otherkin is a great big flashing sign. This sign says “Strong Chance of Self Delusion!”

For example, before my awakening, while I thought dragons were elegant creatures, I was obsessed with Star Wards and H:TLJ. grins The latter of those two continues to this day. But still, my ‘awakening’ was very sudden, very strong, and very much “dragon”. I thought I was going bonkers. This a normal, good, and healthy reaction to something that is, at best, absurd.

You on the other hand saw “People beleive themselves to be a dragon… I am a dragon too!” with NO questioning of it. No years and months of meditation and soul searching. Obsession does not = being that thing. You need to sit down and create a list of every reason you might want to be otherkin. And I have a feeling that it might be a very long list for you indeed
When I read this I could literally feel my Draconity crumbling all around me. When I first found out about Draconity my mind started to say I am a Dragon, but later on even more voices in my head tried to pile on top of it saying I’m not a Dragon.

If most dreams don’t count as an awakening then it’s proven I hadn’t had one yet, and I probably won’t. Why, because it seems what she’s trying to say is that I have ended up deluding myself to the point where I had a strong belief inside that I was a Dragon without the solid foundation that other people say they had. Perhaps a delusion that was in the making for 5 years, and was just waiting for that catylist that would rocket it to the point where I come to believe I am a Dragon. I may say I have an inner Dragon, I may say I feel connected with Dragons, but something has come that gives me rather strong reason I had been deluding myself and hiding the truth. My mind is a powerful thing and apparently I can twist myself to believe what I want in a strong manner even causing frequent dreams about the subject.
I came to this site believing that since I was a Dragon I ought to join the Dragon community. Now I may have realized that belief would be just to make me feel good about myself and driven by the obsession over wanting to be a Dragon. So I join, say I’m sure that I am a Dragon, then try to keep my Draconity strong while being blasted with logic. I even went as far as saying it on another forum and managing to get myself rediculed for that. So there, I may have developed my reason to believe I am a Dragon, but then I get even stronger belief that I’m not a Dragon at all and just one person who got obsessed to the point of believing and refusing to let go. Perhaps it was just me trying to fit in with the other Dragons, saying I am a Dragon for comfort reasons and wanting to make myself feel that I would feel at home with others who say they are Dragons.
So I say I’m being honest and saying I am not a Dragon after all, because my mind says that poster has a good point and it may be just me trying to supress what is really the truth about me. There was one point not long after I joined where it felt my Draconity disappeared but came full circle and believed I am a Dragon once again. That I felt I’d rather take that then what was the truth because I felt more at home with the idea I was a Dragon when it was not entirely true.

There I said it, the truth, I knew I had to be honest at one point and I felt I couldn’t hide the truth any longer. Whether or not the Blenderartist members were entirely right about the Dragon community. I know at least if you really are Dragons then I have the strongest feeling of truth that I am not one of them.

End post/QUOTE]

And the PM I got from one of them.

[quote]Didn’t we mention afore that linking to other forums is something of a social no-no?

Also, the majority of us admit we may be delusional… And we might. We might all actually have the souls of broccoli. Or we might simply cease to be when this body stops functioning. Or the creator of the universe might be a giant earwig. There are so many things and you can never truly be sure… so adding that wiggle room for doubt also means there’s wiggle room for growth. And at the very least, the majority of us function perfectly well in society with out potentially-delusional belief… but it is, in its own way, no more delusional that islam, judaism, christianity, hinduism, shintoism, etc. It’s just different

Dragon in human form, I wish I was atleast, but alas my urge to be honest and truthful has emerged and had to say it that I am just one man wishing he was a Dragon.

Ah, and I am not actually an astronaut, just a man who says he isn’t to mock your feigned enlightenment.

Coincidence, or meta-joke?

Wow… i can tell that took a lot of courage on your part. I wish you the best of luck on your inner being journey but please, please, please stay sane.

welcome back!!! I think your are doing the right thing.Now i want to see more of those artworks from now on.Please:( !

You can always make Blender pictures of dragons.:wink:

More replies from over there

[This is a perfectly normal stage of any spiritual journey. Just ride it through, try your best to answer questions and provide for both sides, an dlook forward to the fact that no matter what the outcome you will know Yourself a great deal more than you had before.

All of us doubt, some more frequently than others. I view doubt as exceptionally healthy because it makes us think rather than regurgitate premade answers. It also keeps us sane and grounded. Your head can be in the clouds all you want, but I hope to all you and I believe in that your feet stay rooted to the earth.

Being able to accept the fact that you might not be a dragon separates the true dragonkin from the deluded. Hopefully you will find who you truly are, and be healthier for your struggles

i agree with Lord of the Rings Junkie

You can always make Blender pictures of dragons.

I also agree. Through Blender, you can free your mind, and manifest your own reality through perception. Hence, my signature.

I plan on waiting for 2.43 to do that. I feel that some things in that version like sculpt mode and the improved texture paint will help me greatly.

Still, you can always dream of dragons. That’s what dreams are for, eh?

now, you have earned my respect. thank you, i bet deep down, you feel better about yourself. you’ve done something not many can admit to doing, defeating the strongest foe of all: you. i’m sure you’re enlightenment is not feigned, nor temporary. understand this much, while you can’t be a reincarnated dragon, you can hone you’re skills to emulate the grandeur of a dragon. spend you time becoming wise, worldly, strong, and artful. you may not physically become one, but in comparison to other humans, i think this would be good enough. many blessings on your future journeys.

The subject of my dreams change from night to night. Anyway, I’m still not fully discounting the possibility of me being a Dragon, but I’m certain now to see the possibility that I may just be human. Depending this could be a long journey whether spiritual or just trying to find who I really am.

Er, yeah. I’m thinking sculpt tools might help me out with a balrog eventually…

umm are you aware that the cvs build have the sculpt tool? not sure if you meant something else or something more specific but just look for the most recent one and when you open blender, look into the drop box that control which modes (object mode, edit mode, and more) to look for the sculpt mode. i’ve played around with it a little.

We all are, it’s a lifelong journey. Dragon or not, I’m glad you’re around. :slight_smile:

One of my secret hopes is that I find I am a Dragon after all, but we must not discount the possibility of being just human as well. Either way I hope this will be something I can accept. If I’m a Dragon, fine, If I’m just human with an interest in Dragons, that shouldn’t stop my life also.

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