silent night sky

as part of a project around Vision (a linux distro) & linux360 (a magazine/community) I made 4 wallpapers. The 3d ones I put in the finished projects as they involved Blender too, but the 4th one is Gimp and photo taken by me while walking around:

the particularly interesting IMO part is the blurry/focus effect which helped me turn a 1024768 camera picture which on top of that was low quality & saved in jpg into a 12801024 smooth looking (imo) wallpaper.

Would you want critics?

of course

I thought that the 3d ones were visually striking and very interesting as images, void. The photo / wall paper - I liked the style of the lettering, but personally was not so keen on the photo you’ve used.

GCat: thanks for the feedback. I’m really happy you liked the pictures and found them striking … as for the picture:

well, if you were more speciffic I could elaborate ... right now a great deal of it is probably what I just said. Poor camera and low quality photo might account for a lot of the problem. I am painfully aware of the lack of colour, and the huge lack of detail in the near distance .... someday I hope to have a better cam :P .. until then, I remain fond of what I did with what I had until given glimpses of what I could've done better ... and then again even then, however any advice is of course well received and only serves improovement.  I selected this picture of pictures i had taken recently as teh best one available .. not meaning that there can't be any better one, but with my available surroundings & scenery & camera this is what I had obtained :-)
  I really appreciate the honesty & feedback. Thanks.

I think thats a good attitude to have void. I feel much the same way about my paintings.

I’d largely agree with your own comments about the photo. It’s a fairly pleasant picture and does manage to capture a bit of atmosphere. Sunsets and sunrises are always cool events. But as you said, the colours are a bit washed out and (perhaps my main thought) that it wouldn’t be my first choice for wallpaper because I prefer stronger colours. Wallpaper design is especially tricky IMO because you need to find a balance between something which is interesting but at the same time is not distracting / won’t give you a headache.

Keep creating. Look forward to seeing more

thank you very much for the many kind words.
For some of the reasons you too mentioned I was somewhat satisfied with this wallpaper despite I put the least work into it: it’s intended audience is a more peaceful loving kind of person, more “a la nature” … I too love striking stuff and colours … so maybe it’s a good thing that the wallpaper is more featureless and thus less distracting.
anyway, like you said … work goes one … . and improovements (i hope) come in time :slight_smile:

I’d be curious as to what in particular you refer to.