Silhouette Flash Game with Assets made in Blender

Hi guys,

I decided to create my first flash game using Flex, Blender, Gimp, and FlashDevelop. Even though the current level is repetitive, I’ve developed all of the necessities for creating more elaborate variants. I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas for those variants? I was thinking that an unlockable level could reference Monty Python (King Arthur galloping about and Patsy knocking coconuts) and another could feature a dragon.
The silhouettes are 2D and were animated using shapekeys. I know that it seems like a roundabout method, but I don’t have any alternative editing programs (Gimp isn’t good enough).

By the way, I didn’t post this in the game engine forum because the game doesn’t run in Bullet (even though I did use it for the feathers).

Updated! I added a new hit detection system and replaced the health points with a “bounce-back” system. You die when you hit the edge of the screen.

I decided to start working on another game:

More updates on game #2:

Great game, that first one. Very simple and very addicting. Only one suggestion, add houses and castles in the background that you pass slowly while running. Other than that, keep it simple.

Modelers needed for a WW1 project! Message me for more info.

Thanks for the input; I took heed to your advice and added a background. I also reworked game #2 and added a new character.

Great works, after all the html5 hype is flash still alive?