Silhouette Museum Finished

Ok heres my second scene ever.
I plan to mail it to soon

Any C&C would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


I like it. It’s a pretty original idea imo.

As for suggestions, I think it would be cool to see a little more dynamic lighting. It looks like you have both wall and cieling lamps, but no light being emitted from them. It would also be cool if you could find a way to light the glass that the silouets are in. Another suggestion. It would make the image more interesting if the silouet positions were more random, and went “deaper” in the scene. That is to say, bring some to the far front and send some to the far back and shuffle em up a bit so its not so symetric.

As for crits, I only have 2. Something bothers me about the stone texture on the bases of the silouetts, and you can see the edge of the floor on the bottom of the pic.

Once again. I really like the concept :slight_smile: nice work

Clever and original!

I agree with the C&C above; plus the bases seem to be ‘hovering’ slightly over the floor.

As an option to staggering the silhouettes, it might be cool to have each silhouette be backlit and cast a shadow on the floor (silhouettes of silhouettes…).

Nice work, plenty of variations you could make with it.

i like the lamps they look very glassy and real. keep it up

The only crit I have is that this bandnoise (?) texture could have another color than black. So the silhouettes don´t mix up with the blocks. :smiley:

else it’s a nice picture and a very original idea! :wink:

Ok did some of the C&C stated above.
Here it is.

More C&C greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

the templates look like they are floating. Other then that i really like it and am sure penny-arcade will too.

Nice, but I notice there’s some unnatral darkening at the intersection of the wall and the roof, light that area a little to minimize the appearence of it.

That is from my AO settings. I might add some light there but that might make the rest of the scene to bright.

Use spotlights and point them at the dark area while avoiding the rest of the scene.

The things really are floating. It isn’t from your AO settings, per se, it is simply noticeable due to the AO settings. Just move the floor up a tiny bit or move the pieces down a bit. That is a pretty essential step, nothing looks good if it is inadvertently floating. Either make them float and make it appparent that you mean to or ground them.

Would it be possible to get some high quality jpg images of just the silhouettes? I was thinking it’d be kick ass to blow some of those up and paint them onto the wall of my home theater in black just as you have shown here. How did you make those?


Anogarir im doing a render with the objects moved down more.
Reaper after that im going to render each of the Silhouttes for you as big as I can.

Well i actually made every sillhoute by taking a plane and deleting all but one of the vertices and the extruding along the edge of the picture.
All the pictures I used are no longer on Gabe’s Art page. He took them off and put his sketch book on it. Im very lucky i grabbed them when i did.

I think I recognize some of them. Can you put a name/source to each one?


After reading about the floating they actually are, check them in solid mode and make sure they’re firm on the ground or a little bit in the ground even.

Ok no more magic floating things.

Much better, they’re firmly on the ground now :slight_smile:

still there’s the lighting with the wall and ceiling, perhaps scrap AO and plop in an area light and some backlights to create the AO effect with better lighting in that region

Yeah, I agree. Besides, AO is too grainy.

You can pretty much get rid of it if you amp up the samples to 16, but then again you receive a long rendering time in return.