Silicone valley startup aims for low cost brainwave technology

Now I saw this Saturday in my city paper of all sources this could’ve came from. Their aim is to in the near future sell gaming peripherals costing less then 100 dollars that will allow you to literally use your thoughts to control a video game or other applications (so using your brain to control Blender may not be that far off). The good news about this is that it’s non invasive and doesn’t use contact gels so it so you won’t get frusterated putting it on and off.

I wonder when this will come out, playing games like Burnout Revenge or Need for Speed most wanted with this would be awsome.
Or what about playing character games like Spyro, you think of how you want the character to move and it moves with your thoughts.
Or use it to play Spore in the first stages, think of all the wacky creatures you’d be able to control just how you want it to move:D