Silver Surfer

I still have to tone down on the white and add in some black and blue.

Any suggestions?

i dunno what but somehing looks wrong about his right leg… looks kinda abonormal…or is it just me

I think it’s just the lighting making it look a little funny.

silver surfer don’t have a ears!!! :stuck_out_tongue: but the work is good for me… only too white i think…

IMO, instead of going for “white”, or “black”, or “blue” colors for textures. Try going for a chrome metal look. This should give you the look of the surfer, when introduced into the proper enviroment, or HDRI. This is just my opinion though.

Looks as if there was an additional bump tex adding too much detail to his surface. He’s supposed to look like a statue of sorts, whereas here You made him look really bumpy. Might want to think about it!

Is that a make human model?