Silver Werewolf (nearing completion)

Alright guys, I’m almost done with this picture… I just want to take it to the next level… so any crits would be greatly appreciated…

high res:

well its nice but the fog doesnt seem to have much depth to it and i dont see where your wanting us to focus on.

It looks to me like you used my glowing hologram setup for the moon! Although you havn’t executed it quite right.
Make the halos a lot more soft. Getting rid of those point on the surface of the moon making it look a little dodgy.

Other than that I really like the picture. Although maybe the where-wolf could be a little further into the image. I know that you where following the rule of thirds but moving it in a bit will help give it pride of place in the image.

The tree looks great! The snow looks hard… perhaps adding a super small noise texture to help break up the specularity would help… or reducing the hardness. The fog looks depthless (as stated). The moon needs adjustment as stated. The Wolf looks pretty good, but it needs more definition around the feet/ankles especially, and the wrists look peculiar (changing the hand position might improve). Also the hand and finger positions aren’t very dynamic/emotional. I would also reccomend moving the wolf to the left to improve the composition. Also, adding a rim light for the wolfs head and shoulders would make it pop a little more and represent the moon’s light nicely.

And another update

high res:

And another… Less color…?

Redid the lighting. Still not totally happy, but I think its better.

High res: