Sim City Game On Blender.

Can we use Blender to make a Game like Sim City?

And if possible …How to make it .?


We need a sticky that just says “YES, every type of game is possible in Blender!”

That is one of Blender’s strengths. It is completely open and has the capabilities to make any game you could ever want to make. The only limits are your skills and creativity. It may not be the easiest game engine to make game type X, but it can still do it.

How to do it is something that you’d need to come up with creative answers for. If you haven’t ever made a game in Blender (I’m going on your post count right now, not that experienced) then you need to start small. You can then work your way up to making a big game like that.

Plant person made one, or is making one. You might want to ask him for tips and pointers. it might save you a lot of time.

I once tried to make one, but realized that BGE’s object count limit is too low. You can only have a couple thousand objects in your game until it starts to lag. For comparison a small map in Sim City 4 has 4096 tiles and a large map has 65536 tiles. Another problem is that you can’t modify terrain in realtime unless you are prepared to do some heavy scripting.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a city building game - it just has to be small scale and simple. A village building game perhaps? :wink:

I just started making one a few minutes ago and so far you can click on a spot to build. Now I need to make more buildings. So small simple ones are at least possible. good luck.

scabootssca made one a while ago.

Could some one show me a sample. for an idea.

Here is the set up
the plane has the show mouse script running so you can see where you’re clicking.
hope this helps.

Just about every “real” game you make will require many different concepts in blender. You can’t (well… you know) make a game with just modeling, ipo-ing, and Keyboard and Movement logic bricks. You should learn all the logic bricks, low-poly modeling, and using properties before starting a “real” game. Maybe even some Python, which is really not as hard as it seems. I think that properties is one of the most important technical elements in a game, which most people seem to overlook. I use properties everywhere, on just about every object, and I can tell you right now that making Sim City would require plenty of properties in order to function at all. I’m not saying you aren’t prepared to make a major game, I’m just advising that you (and anyone else who’s isn’t sure about how to start a project) figure out what you’re doing before you frustrate yourself.