Simon Stålenhag’s Parking Lot Scene recreated in Blender 2.90 EEVEE

Simon Stålenhag is an awesome artist from Sweden that turns mundane Swedish landscapes into sci-fi masterpieces. You can find a lot of his drawings on his blog, including close ups:

You can also buy his books from his blog website!

The Parking Lot scene especially is one of my favourite artworks from Simon Stålenhag, so naturally it was great fun recreating it in blender and a very good exercise for moody lighting in EEVEE. Most of Simon’s painting have great lighting and a dark mood supported by the lights, all his paintings are excellent lighting studies. The total emptiness and vastness of space with the one person being as alone as you can be but still being content, hypnotized and trapped in some weird virtual reality is a gloomy prophecy in itself. He didn’t even bring a car to come here and zone out! The classic but really well executed warm /// cold, orange /// cyan contrast framed by simple plants and just darkness works so well it can’t get better.

Modeled by Toxic Tuba
rendered with Blender 2.90 EEVEE
Add-Ons used: Graswald /// The Grove /// MB-Lab

Making of on Blender Nation:

my website:

The original artwork this animation is based on and that I cannot praise enough can be found in the book “The Electric State” and here online:



Nice work. Came across this artist a while ago and love his work… I think a TV show on Amazon Prime was inspired by it. Can’t remember what it’s called now. Nice job, great atmosphere maybe too much light on your character comapred to the original. I’d dail it down to get more mood - I’m only a noob though just to let you know.

yeah, of course only just when I posted it I saw that the shadows under the vr booth are stronger in the original and I had it like that before but must have played with the light to light some other thing better, idk, but I’ll leave it like that for now. Thanks for your nice comment

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an because just modeling is not enough, here is the same gloomy scene with animation and looping animation and moody music. Enjoy :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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oh coooooooooool! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Really nice! :slight_smile: I’m a huge Simon Stalenhag fan - and am working on two scenes at this point. I managed to pick a couple that were pretty involved - I hope to get them finished someday (and want to create a VR experience for both scenes).

… what he see, are this “experience” worth. Then look around you and see similar, people are so preoccupied with his precious mobile gadgets and let that entire world beauty pass around him :no_mouth:

please notify me (PM or so) once you have the scenes you are working on finished, I really want to see that!

Looks great.

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That looks really good.

The original image is from The Electric State; Stalenhag is also a musician and there’s an album that goes with that book that you can find on Bandcamp.

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@Chris_Keegan Thank you, glad you like it :slight_smile:

@AnthonyP: Thank you for linking the soundtrack for The Electric State, this is great atmospheric music and inspired the short soundtrack for this animation too

I’m working on them as I have time and inspiration - recently messed with my scene based on “By Conception” in VR in Blender. It’s still very much a Work In Progress - but it’s helped me feel more excited about finishing and getting it into Unity/Unreal to have as a VR experience. This is a clumsy video kind of showing part of where it’s at. I just recently finished all the people at the base of the drone (the ones that are there are just for scale - not final) … now it’s on to the trees and cars …

oh nice, that looks very detailed and fleshed out already. the colors are cool, it is foggy and the trees are really fitting. Where can I see more on your progress, you turned off notifications on youtube and this is a private video anyways…

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll let you know as I make more progress - my time has been kind of hit-and-miss lately, so progress kind of happens in bursts with not much in between. I’ll make a point of messaging you when I get further along and of course the final will be posted here.

yes please. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile: