simple 2.49 bevel obj questions:

Used a bezier circle as a bevel object on a bezier curve. on render, noticed I’d like the tube to be a bit larger (radius) and can’t find the original bevel object anywhere. The curve is still linked to it, so it exists, but I can’t find it to simply scale it up and get a wider tube.

Awaiting the embarrassing solution,


I had multiple versions of this tube (think of the progressively wider rings(not spokes) of a spiderweb) and when I duplicated the first ring, and scaled it up, it, for some reason, scaled up the radius of the circle I was using to extrude (bevel obj) the tube. Any way I can duplicate a curve with a bevel obj and resize it while keeping the same size bevel obj? I eneded up assigning new bevel objects to each curve and sizing them individually (all of which seem to have disappeared…)