Simple 2 player game[Update#3]

Nothing special, just a simple game i was working on. Like the title says, this is meant to be a 2 player bowman-like game.its ugly and there isn’t much to this game either.

M = Game mode
W = Increases power
S = Decreases power
D = Increases angle
A = Decreases angle
Space = Throw boulder
R = Upgrade menu

2 Game modes:
1 player is you vs AI
2 player is you vs a friend

3 levels of difficulty(needs some tweaking though)

three upgrades:

+15 health costs 500 points
+5 damage costs 800 points
workers cost 1000pts

workers heal 1hp per worker every 3 second

nothing is really permanent for now, stuff might get buffed or nerfed

Gain 1000 points if you win, 300 if you lose

after one castle is down, the scene restarts keeping your upgrades and points intact, so it kinda goes on forever

Next update, I will try working on the AI so it could buy upgrades for itself

Feel free to leave a comment or whatever :slight_smile: Cya around


Also if anyone knows some good tutorials for high quality modeling and texturing, please post them, id really like to get better :stuck_out_tongue:

*Added screen shot so you can see how horrid it is before you download lol, like i said not much too the game, i threw it together rather quickly


Screenshots of what we are downloading? :yes:
Screens always get people more interested. :wink:

I actually like the game idea, I do think it would be fun to play against AI though when your friends aren’t around (that’d be tough to get working).

Alright RossBlenderArt, I added one, if its really wanted , i probably could add a simple AI, the main probably i think i would have is deciding how accurate the bot is, i definitely don’t want to have it hit the player 100% of the time, what do you think would be good, maybe something around 60-80% accurate? or maybe different settings? easy would be like 30-40% medium around 50-60% and hard about 70-80%? Thanks for the comment :smiley:

Yah, but that’ll prove difficult. :slight_smile: Good luck! haha

turn the power all the way up and rapidly hit space see what happens :yes:

i small update to the game, i threw on a texture for the castle’s, didn’t bother to texture properly though :stuck_out_tongue: Also added something like a basic AI, it has some bugs and it will be change later for hopefully something better, as of now it is close to 100% accurate, so it might be hard to beat it for now lol :wink:

Another little update, added different difficulties and the AI(lol) can miss now :stuck_out_tongue: Also Started working on an upgrading system, so far only 2 out of the 3 are working, which are upgrading health and damage the amount that they add and their cost isn’t final. The way you gain points for now is winning or losing, you get 1000 for winning a 300 if you lose, Well that’s it for now :slight_smile:

I really like the AI enemy in singleplayer and the wind. I don’t think I saw a texture on the castles. But a cool game none the less. :slight_smile:

Thanks cam.dudes :slight_smile: i might of forgot to pack it in sorry, i haven’t had a chance to work on it recently, but a few days ago i did fix some glitches, after i add the third upgrade in and maybe i’ll stop being lazy and add some textures to the menus and get rid of the ugly background behind the castles :stuck_out_tongue: