simple 3d sword

hey im leo iv being useing blender for only a week so … please be harsh
ok so my first semi usable moddle

thanks for looking


Use cntrl-r to make a sharper seam between the hilt and the blade and sharp edges in your model where you want them. It forces subsurf to make sharp edges where you want them.

As NRK said, you should make the edge between the blade and the hand gaurd sharp. Make the blade sharper via the same method. You should also smooth out the handle. I don’t think I have ever seen a sword handle that was as squared as that one. It would be very uncomfortable.

agree with the sharp edges… I also have compliments.
i like the asymmetry of the cross guard, the pummel is also very well proportioned to the overall design. I attached a reference image, for parts and whatever…

Keep it up, keep posting, :slight_smile: after a week of blender you are doing well :slight_smile: