Simple Dartbord from a Newbee

Hi Folks,

It is a while ago when i used Blender for the last time, so i started all over again doing tutorials and all that.
So Im still a newbee.

Anyhow, what do you think about mij dartbord?
I thought it was quite nice. Maby I used to many lamps (one white spot facing upwards towards te bord and three from de top (Bleu, Red, Green).

The bord is whithout any steel borders and numbers. That’s a thing i want to add next, but i have to figure out how to do that best.

Does any of you has any comment on this bord, or do you have any tips for the steel part?


I can’t offer any advice as to making te steel rings, as I’m a new guy myself, but what you have looks pretty good. I would prefer regularly colored lights (ie, whiteish yellow) rather than the red and blues you have, but I guess it works.

You might also try adding a few darts to the board, once you’ve finished the steel rings. :wink:
Keep it up.

You could make the steel rings with a curve circle beveled with another curve circle.

Thanks Hobbes,

I have found a way to create the steel bars myzelf.
I have made my background plane darker (brown).
I took your advise and reduced the colorspots. I now have two brightwhite spots (one upwards, one downwards) and have two collored spots (red and blue).
Some other thing i did was reduce the shadowcasting to one spot only.

I think its quite an improvend and the board looks more natural.

My next problem would be the numbers of the board. I have never done text in a drawing.

If anyone has any comment on the board / lightning, please do not hessitate to tell me.


You should a t least trys to make the rings with beveled curves. You can even make the numbers with the same technique, because they normally consist of the same steel wire.

You only have to add a curve circle, and another curve circle for the cross-section, which should be a lot smaller than the ring shape, of course.
Then select the first curve and enter the name of the cross-section curve into the BevOb textbox in the Editing (F9) tab.

Hope I could it explain it enough.

Thanks for your help,

I have made the steel bars with the bevelled curves.
I am working on the tekst, althought i don’t get it the way i want.

Try the ying-yang curve tutorial. It should help to model the numbers with curves.

Where can i find the ying-yang curve tutorial?
I think i may have seen it ones, but i can’t remeber where.

I have no idea, but you should research 3-point lighting and up the hardness and spec of the metal texture, you might also lower the ref.


Thank you.

I have reduced the ref and increased the spec and hardness of the metal.
I think it is much better, althoug i think it should shine more.

I haven’t looked at the 3-point lighting, but i will do that soon.
I have erased all colored spots now and only have the two white spots.

What do you think, better or worse?


Hi Again,

I managed to create some numbers for my dartboard. Its a time killing job when you are a rookie to beziercurves, but i think i managed quite well.

I darkend te steel and made it less shiny.
The ring with numbers on the other hand is more shiny.
I think it looks better.

The next thing i want to do is creating a texture so the board looks more ‘Hairy’. I have never done anything real with textures so antother challege for me.
I also intend to create three arrows.

What do you think of the picture?
Any critics??


Another update of my dartboard.

I managed to get some cracks in the board an used the noise texture for roughin the surface of the board.

I also added a scoreboard for fun


Another update,

This might be de final one.
The only thing i can think of right now is a texture on te flights of the arrows.


Wow, that looks excellent!
I’m really impressed at the final result, much better imo than the original, espeically the lighting. I’m gald you put in some darts too, and the scoreboard and cracks were nice touches as well. I’m really impressed with the numbers though, as I have no idea how you did them. You mentioned bezier curves or something, and I know what those are from other graphic programs, but I can’t imagine how they’d work in a 3D enviornment.

I suppose I’ll have to keep playing with Blender, but it seems you’re taking right to it, so good job. :smiley:

Thank hobbes,

Bezier-curves works just the same way as in other graphical programs.
the number like 1, 7 i made of a beziercurve converted to polyline (only strait pont to point lines).
It’s diffucult whith bezier curves to get the right curve you want, but just try, try try gives this result.

I used a curvecircle as bevel like gdp2000 mentioned. This way the numbers become thick instead of just a thin line (like in other graphical programs).

I also used this technique for the steel rings.

I have added a texture of a Bee on the flights (i found that rather difiicult, bu i managed), so they become more real.
I also changed the angle and rotaton of each dart. (three darts never have the same angle and rotation in a dartboard).
That way it’s more real and the picture comes alive.

Now i want to change the texutre of the scoreboard, becouse i think is is not real enough.
Does anyone had a good picture of a scoreboard?