Simple duplication question

I have an object that has a few things parented to it. Yet I have to select each object to duplicate everything. Is there a way to be able to only select the parent, and when i duplicate, it will copy all its children also,

Many thanks

currently - no, - would be nice though
the quickest way would be to move all the required objects to a specific layer (select them all, then M, and choose their own layer - that will make it easier to select them in the future .

You could put the objects in a group and duplicate that.

hmmm…i dont know how to do groups…easy enough for a short explain?

Just select all the objects you want to put in the group and hit ctrl+G. You can then add copies of the group from the add menu->group instance.

Note that added group instances are linked objects, so making any changes to the original objects will also change the duplicated ones.

Another note. You can break up group instances by using Make Duplicates Real (shift+ctrl+A). The objects themselves will still be linked though, so if you edit one, it will affect all of them. If you don’t want this to happen you can select the object and under the object data tab in the properties menu click on the number to the right of the mesh name. This makes a single user copy, so the mesh will now be independent.

Hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Wow this even helps me. Thanks guys!

got it…ty