Simple face area measurement script

I have written my first blender script!
It’s nothing fancy. I needed to be able to measure the area of all selected faces in a mesh and macouno’s measure mesh script has some issues with the latest version. I didn’t get into the trouble of modyfying his script for it looked a bit scary for my newbie skills :eyebrowlift:

It can be found in the misc section and:

  • if you are in edit mode, hitting the area button will give you the total area of all faces selected.
  • if you are in object mode, hitting the area button will give you the total area of all faces on the selected mesh.That’s all for now. I hope this proves usefull to someone other than me :). If you have any suggestions please tell me. Since i cannot post attachements (?) here is the script:

Name: 'Face Area'
Blender: 245
Group: 'Misc'
Tooltip: 'Measure the area of the selected faces'

import Blender as B

global total_area 
total_area = 0.0
def calcArea():
    in_edit = B.Window.EditMode()
    if in_edit: B.Window.EditMode(0)
    objects = B.Object.GetSelected();
    obj = objects[0]
    me = obj.getData(mesh=True)
    faces = me.faces
    global total_area
    total_area = 0.0    
    for f in faces:
        if in_edit:
            if f.sel:
                total_area += f.area
            total_area +=f.area
    if in_edit: B.Window.EditMode(1)

def gui():    
    B.Draw.Button("AREA", 1, 10, 10, 60, 20, "Measure your currently selected object")
    B.BGL.glRasterPos2d(80, 15)
def bevent(evt):
    if evt == 1 :
print total_area
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