Simple feature suggestion for knife project tool ( "intersect only" option )

So today I was cutting some holes in a cylinder and ended up using the knife project tool for topological reasons. It works out well, but I had do go in and delete severe vertices it made in-between edges for the sake of good topology and normals. It was a little bit of a headache.

So why not add the simple feature to the knife project tool’s options that tells it to “intersect only” meaning that vertices are only added on existing edges.

Oh, just thought of 1 more.
Vertex merge, where if a generated vertex occupies the same or nearly the same space (that space could be determined via slider) then it automatically merges the vertices.

Any questions?
Anyone interested in the least bit?

Deselect all vertices, knight project, select one vertex between edges, Shift+G>Amount of connecting edges, dissolve vertices.