Simple Fluid Simulation *need help*

Hello everybody,

this is my first post here and I hope to find some help. :smiley:

I made a simple fluid simulation. You can download my .blend file here:

This idea is:
The camera moves back from the wall. Frame: 0 -> 20
The water starts flowing. Around Frame: 15
The water has filled up half of the domain height. Frame: 50
The camera zooms back on the wall. Frame: 50 -> 70 (end)

My problems:

  • How do I get the water to start at frame 15. Setting the Start Time to 0.5 or even 1 doesnt seem to work.
  • What resolution should I bake my final rendering at? My computer seems to freeze when I select more than 50 (Apple TiBook 1GHz 1GB RAM, enough HD).

If you can guide me in some directions or improve my file I would be very happy.

Thanks for reading,
Jan / Germany

Hia Jan,
welcome aboard. I had similar frustrations when starting out with fluids. There’s a video tute around on this board somewhere by LordOfTheRingsJunkie that’s just brilliant - helped me out a lot. It explains what all the different fields like StartTime & EndTime do and how to make use of them.

Had a similar problem when I wanted to do a fountain with multiple jets that operated one after the other.

As for how to get the fluid to start(or stop) being emitted at a specified frame, the way to go about that, is to key they fluid on and off. This is done in the IPO window. Basically, what you need to do is select your emitter and open up the IpoCurve editor. From there, you click the box marked “Object” in the bottom of the window and change it to FluidSim. Once done, you just select “active” (on the right of the window) and add keys.
If a key is below 0 the fluid is not emitted, if it is above 0, it is emitted - that’s all this curve appears to do. If you wished to alter the rate at which the fluid was emitted, you’d simply scale the size of the emitter & key that.

Your fluid sim takes forever to start showing anything - this is because the StartTime is set to 1 - this means that (1*frames/second) frames need to be calculated before the mesh shown in frame 1 is calculated. I just had a play with your scene, changing StartTime to 0 and Resolution to 75, it seemed to bake just fine on a 1GB intel PC running Linux.

Hope this helps you along the way, & I’ve not ommited anything.


Okay, thanks so far.
The reason that I’m not replying is, that my G5 Dual 2.3 GHz is baking (res 200) since 30 hours and until now only finished 36 of 70 frames.

Okay, here is Frame 10.
After that it gets pretty messy. :eyebrowlift2:

But I’m pleased with the result. Only the baking time is hardcore.

I’ll keep you updated…