Simple hallway render

Finally playing a bit more textures (the wood floor and the bathroom tiles). Rendered in Cycles (2hrs). Gonna start something a little bit more serious now.

Hope its not too shabby.

Comments are welcome!


It looks very realistic and the bathroom is the best part. Especially with the reflection in the picture frames down the hallway. It looks artistically attractive.

I would suggest that the floor’s material in the hallway should be slightly more shiny, especially if it is polished wood or laminate. It doesn’t look like there is any shine at all.

It may be a simple scene but I like it :slight_smile:


EDIT: One more thing, the far right leg of the table in the hallway looks transparent where the others are not. I assume this is an oversight?

I know that it’s a finished project, but it’s too grainy and too dark. But it looks good overall

Thanks guys! And @SolidRegardless I checked and the right leg is fine, its probably just the reflection that gives you the impression its glass. :slight_smile: