Simple House

I started this for the WC but I think I’ll just go ahead and take my time with it, and maybe make a little scene.

fixed a couple of issues and added window stuff and doors.

Neat little house! Looking forward to seeing more.:smiley:

Nice Modron

is it blender, looks very sketchup like?


thanks guys. it’s just blender. I tried sketchup once several years ago, but I didn’t like the topology it left, so I abandoned it. I have dozens of textures for houses and buildings that I have made over the years, so I think I am going to make multiple versions, materials-wise.

not too much progress today but I added a porch and gutters

Nice, you put the vertical support in, was going to ask about it in my last post, but I thought you may have it covered.

Suggestion if I may. The wall to the left of the porch (the one on the front of the house) has a very small window, think it may look better with this opened up with bigger window or an additional one?


thanks. I am considering it, but I want to flesh out the scene a bit before deciding. I am kind of running out of stuff to add, as far as stuff that is physically attached to the house. but I am going to put in some other things, like maybe a burn barrel or a lawn gnome, or some rocks.

I like this model and how you did the last presentation renders. Very nice and clean.

thanks man. I used freestyle to get the outlines. in render buttons it’s a little check box at the very bottom. then you can change your line width and line style and stuff in the render layers panel I think. one of those panels anyway.
Here’s without the lines. Added some trees…have not quite been able to make a good bush yet…