simple inventory weapons demo

ok man here yo can download the file here:
move: W, S, A, D
rot : mouse
change position inventory: Z , C

Nice work POCHO!
The models are very well done too!
Thank you for sharing.

thanks OTO
the models weapons are free and i download this from:

This is a good work !
Scripts python game is very usefull for most people !
Bye !

Bien hecho, POCHO. Se podria animar la mano con un getFrame(), creo. No he estado con el python por mucho tiempo. O con un cubo y un plano, como hice en mi juego

Very nice, can’t you write a short tut? :stuck_out_tongue: cause I just get get it all fixed in my own game :slight_smile:

Ok gamemaster. I will write a simple and short tutorial for you this week. Give me a little time, I am working full time on the patch for ia game engine.:spin::spin:

Yay an updated version XD This one works a lot better :smiley: Good job!

how do you make the inventory cubes invisable ive just try your your program but im wandering how you turn then invisable without a logic brick

Using UV faces, get in UV face select ( for v2.45 ) press W and select set invisible

ty very much :wink:

Thats really cool! You should make the inventary a pop down, so its hidden from view untill the user clicks a icon or key on the keyboard.

Oh man thank you so much this will help alot ^^

can you make a tutorial

hi is there a way that you dont use the mano script and the INVmover script and then when i press on the numpad 1 that only the first posicion inventory cube when you pick up a gun or more guns that only the first gun comes up in the mano cube with replace mech???

wow that little ball dude is really packing heat

Can anyone make a tutorial of how to amke an inventory of when u click on an item u add it to your inventory? =) ill me very happy ,i really cant find tuts about that :frowning:

hey man i wanted to aply your inventory to a FPS but when i picked up da guns they just dissapeared and i couldnt change between the, can you help me ?

Jefe and cabbage patch kid, press alt 7.