Simple Living Room

I started this yesterday as a test and really liked how it was looking so decided to make it into a full piece. There are some more elements I want to add like maybe a flower pot on the table, some paintings on the wall. Maybe add a blanket on the sofa or pillows. It’s a really simple scene but my goal is to try to go as photo realistic as possible.

This is my progress so far. I would love some opinions and suggestions on what to do and how to make it look better.

P.S. This is my first post on BA (Yay!) XD

Welcome to the forums…are you new to blender also? Its not bad, the modeling looks ok, but the materials could be better. With the carpet, try and add a color ramp texture, and make it blend into transparent (so solid color, little lighter, then transparent) Also with the sofa, look up settings for a leather material which looks nice :slight_smile: Lighting is also a little flat, maybe add a sun lamp to give it some nice shadows…maybe the lamp shining through a window with a blind off camera? I look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:

Progress is going a bit slow since I have’t had the time to work a lot on it but so far so good. I worked a bit more on the leather material for the sofa (still needs some more tweaking). Got some base lighting for the scene and added some more elements to it.

Things to keep working on:
*Add flowers to vase on the table
*Work some more on the leather material
*Add more things to the wall
*Work on the material for the rug
*Work on the lighting more

Any other suggestions or tips would be great! =)

Still working on the couch I’ve managed to give it a much better leather look. Some minor tweaks here and there and then I’ll move on to the rest of the scene.

Really like how it’s looking so far! :smiley:

Nice, simple idea to start with.

Your leather has a major issue: the grain is waaaaaay too big. Also, at the moment it looks like plastic, because it is too shiny. At the front of the couch, the UVs are stretched.

Your rug strands might be a tad thinner.

Above all, don’t detract from the simplicity of the scene by putting a really loud texture on the canvas. Use something far more muted.

I generally don’t care for all the rules in art but this scene seems to have the couch as a natural focus point, and consequently don’t add anything that will spoil that.

Thanks for the feedback danilius! There are a lot of things that still need work. Some of the things like the painting and the cup on the table are just placeholders at the moment to get a sense of how I want the scene to look.

As for the couch looking like plastic it is sorta of purpose heheh. I want it to look like those couches people cover them with a plastic wrap so if food falls on them it doesn’t stain the actual couch XD

I agree with you about the texture, I’m still trying to find a way to make it look subtle and not too big or too small that it looks unrealistic. I’m learning some new things along the way so this is an interesting project for me.

Thanks so much again!

Here’s another quick update of the progress so far

Added texture to the table. Added the lamp and flowers. Worked some more on the material for the couch and did very subtle touch-ups to the wall texture.

Things to be done:
*work on the lighting
*add more elements
*change the panting on top and add some more across the wall
*work on the rug
*do smaller changes to any materials as they may need

@peter18, you mentioned something about using a color ramp to give the tips of the rug a bit of transparency… How exactly would I go about doing that? I kinda have an idea on how to do it but I’m not entirely sure were I would plug in the node.

Hey I really like that carpet (:

That carpet is starting to freak me out!

“Can’t sleep, carpet will eat me!” – Bart Simpson :slight_smile:

lol it must be one of those human eating carpets XD

Is it made out of rope? Carpets shouldn’t be braided in cornrow imho :wink:

It would be nice to see a more naturally lit scene (do you keep a light on in the day time?) though. A night version could be pretty cool too. Anyways, good stuff o/

Carpet is one of the things I will be working on next (or maybe I’ll leave it for last idk lol), but yeah I need to look up references for carpets and such cuz so far what I have it’s just a placeholder so I can get a sense of how I want the scene to look.

I hadn’t though about making a night scene, that’s a good idea. And I don’t usually turn on the lights during the day but I’ve seen people who do lol guess I should be eco-friendly and turn it off XD

eco-friendly! hehe.

Well the only reason I mention the lamp is that it seemed like it may have been on just to show that you have a light all setup for it. So I figured, why not just test with it off and them add a second night version where you can have it on.

I guess it’s really hard to know how things will look though until you try, so it may end up looking, well, like the rug for example! :wink:

Indeed! Thanks a lot for your feedback =)

The carpet IMO looks to fluffy. I do love the couch, makes me want to sit down on it and relax.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy doing other work. But I will get back to this project as soon as I have the time! :smiley: