Simple local coordinates rotation animation problem:

I’ve created a helper empty that is rotated to the angle that I’d like my rotation to happen on. I have the gear door as a child of that empty. I create a key at frame 0 that is of type Rotation with zero rotation, then on frame 25, I rotate my gear door helper empty in local y (r-y-y) and then when I play the animation back, it looks way wonky…So I’m sure I’m leaving out something important here. Any thoughts?

Hey; looking at your link - it appears you have gimble problem, if that door rotates on the ‘Y’ axis, set your ‘Rotation’ mode to start with ‘Y’ (YXZ or YZX). If that does not fix it, set your rotation to ‘Quatenion’. Also looks like your landing gear is ‘Skewed’. Did you read my last post in the modeling section where you posted ?

I’ll try those options. It’s skewed because I finished animating the rest of the gear. You did help me with that. The gear is steering and stowing on those frames.

Brilliant! Thanks! YXZ Euler worked just fine and I learned something new! I’m always loving this program and what it does for me. Once you understand all the nuances, it’s super powerful!