Simple modeling question

(vank) #1

How can i make a solid object like this?

I tried creating a cirle, extruding it upwards and the extrude half of the extruded vertices further up, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a surfeace on top…

(Phrangkk) #2

select 4 vertices and press “f”
many many times
It may seem like a hassle, but learning to model with points and build faces has felt very freeing to me

(mthoenes) #3

Another Suggestion:

1.Add your Circle,
2.Shift+F to fill faces
3.Shif+J (coverts triangle faces to quads) FYI - Ctrl+T is Quads to Triangles

(You may want to rotate the circle now to line up with the grid.)
4. Extrude
5. Move groups of Verts to make your shape.

(vank) #4

Thanks mthoenes!
Worked like a charm :slight_smile:

(adyus) #5

oh my god! YOU COULD CHANGE TRIANGLES TO QUADS? damn. i lost many night remaking my projects cause they didn’t look good in subsurf…sigh…thanks anyway. I surely won’t make the same mistake twice. I’ll try it on cubes too

(Phrangkk) #6

I Love Blender!

Also, Vank, don’t forget autosmooth in the mesh menu.

(ec2) #7

Wow I never knew this either. Great tip. Saved.

(seval) #8

For whatever reason, I thought converting triangles to quads was not possible in Blender. I scrapped alot of mesh examples that were converted from 3DS for the reason that I could not smooth them properly. FINALLY ! …

(Alltaken) #9

great tip