Simple, old-fashioned mist in EEVEE

(yogyog) #1

Is there a way of getting simple, non-photoreal, old fasioned mist in EEVEE? The kind that just fades everything to a colour as it gets further from the camera?

(d'Asap) #2

i found a way, hope it helpful
make sure volumetric is enabled

create a cube, set volume with volume scatter, scale up till it cover your scene, play with values then


i try to follow other tutorial out there, but with blender 2.8 that continue developed over time, i cant replicate the tutorial with the build i’m using, so i make my own way

here you see the result

(yogyog) #3

Thank you, but this is far more complex fog than what I was after. I was after the kind of simple fog that has been about since PS1 that simply fades out objects as they get further away, and can be used to hide a draw distance. This doesn’t work if the whole scene has to be covered with a cube of volumetric fog. Don’t get me wrong - Eevee’s volumetric effects are awesome, just not what I’m after.

What I’m after CAN be done in a mist pass, but I was hoping it could be done within Eevee.

(Jerzy Górski) #4

you mean something like that?

Just add Volume Absorption to world nodes
and turn volumentrics on in the render properies

really its just 1 minute of work

(d'Asap) #5

woah, i think it works so simple. thanks!