simple OSL diffuse/toon -> ramp ??

I was wondering if there is anyway to output the shading of toon_diffuse and Specular_diffuse as a colour or fac.
I have the feeling this is a silly question and is not how cycles works… but basically I would like to use it in some custom NPR rendering setups. I have seen some examples using a vector position of a lamp (and a driver to control it) but this is cumbersome and only does one lamp.

I was attempting to recreate this ink shader in cycles:

while I achieved the basic look by using a wave texture as a bump map for a toon shader node, it does not give much control. In BI Node materials you can multiply one material over other materials and use it as a stencil for more interesting results. I want to do the same in cycles.

For anyone interested here is the setup I have:

I hope the question is clear… finding it hard to explain…

nearly 200 views and no answer… I’m guessing its not possible or not easily done. I’m going to keep an eye on the BEER project. Maybe it will get the results i’m looking for.

I think you would have to blend both cycle and blender internal rendered pictures. I might be wrong but that is the only thing I can think of.