Simple Planets

Was fiddeling around with textures and wondered what lil tricks i could come up with using my talents in photoshop… so i took it for a spin and wondered if i could make some image maps to create planets in blender.

Here are my results.

Notes: these are PURE 32 point UV Spheres and no moddeling was done to them what so ever.
ALL images used to render are 512x512 72dpi jpgs and are specifically created to wrap around “sphere” objects.
Simple moon w/ 1 layer, with the normal values turned up for some texture.
Earth tones done w/ 2 texture layers, the color layer and the grayscale contour bumpmap [which can ALSO be used in other images that accept bump maps like TerraGen] to add some texture.
Same earth… different angle to show the darker side… this time with the 3rd layer added, a B&W contrast image of “city lights” designed specifically for the contours of the land.
Same earth, this time with the “cloud bump map” added, it was added on a duplicate sphere and scaled slightly larger to give it the apearance of floating above the planets surface and able to cast shadows upon it.

I didnt spend much time on the fine tuning of the texture settings and such as im not an expert at them… but the point is to represent the image maps themselves and the posibility of thier usefullness.

On that note… id like opinions good OR bad…
and if people find the possibility of use for the 512x512 maps used here to make the planetoids please let me know.

I will create the image maps in “packs” of 4-5 images in a zip file consisting of…

  1. Primary Color Layer
  2. Terrain Contrast Layer [if water is involved]
  3. Ground Bump Map Layer
  4. Lights Contrast Layer
  5. Cloud Contrast Layer

The moon is good. The other planets have strange black outlines around the continents. Possibly too intensive normal mapping is the problem. Try to decrease the intensity and the planets will look as good as the moon.

Keep it up! :smiley:

to Admins Theeth for closing my second version of my thread in the news section… one is enough… being 5 times more traffic goes throught he news section then this one… aparently one isent enough.

secondly being its a thread about “texture images” and “greyscale bump maps” … according to the forum desc… it falls just fine under “Anything related to computer graphics”
But being that most consider it spamming and most are against double posting… i well understand and respect your actions and ill not do it again.

As for anyone else… make sure you reald the ENTIRE post before you post your 2 cents… reading 1-2 lines and looking at all the pictures just isent going to cut it… i know the planet has too much on the normal… im not asking ANYTHING on how to improve it… its the JPEG image USED to make the thing that i am OFFERING to others IF they are interested… the pix here are just cheap 5 minut examples of the textures in use on a sphere surface.

as for the comment on thier shape to deal with the planets bending… i run the image through a plugin to have the image"deformed" to though its still a square… it wraps around wonderfully on a shperical surface as the image is all done in photoshop.

ill load an example in a moment just to people can get the idea.

People usually search for answers in the Q&A section and since you provide some here, it would be more useful in the said section.


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any ways… as for my earlier comment on posting a few examples of my texture maps… they are on avg… 5-600k each and all these pix are killing my 4 meg limit to my geocities account so im going to give a great example of the SAME tex maps in use on these “badly” done planets… and lead you to my Deviant Art site.
and there you can see on the FRONT page… just ONE of my many wallpapers that use the VERY SAME texture maps that i am offering for people to use in blender… if theres interest for them.