Simple Planets

Was fiddeling around with textures and wondered what lil tricks i could come up with using my talents in photoshop… so i took it for a spin and wondered if i could make some image maps to create planets in blender.

Here are my results.

Notes: these are PURE 32 point UV Spheres and no moddeling was done to them what so ever.
ALL images used to render are 512x512 72dpi jpgs and are specifically created to wrap around “sphere” objects.
Simple moon w/ 1 layer, with the normal values turned up for some texture.
Earth tones done w/ 2 texture layers, the color layer and the grayscale contour bumpmap [which can ALSO be used in other images that accept bump maps like TerraGen] to add some texture.
Same earth… different angle to show the darker side… this time with the 3rd layer added, a B&W contrast image of “city lights” designed specifically for the contours of the land.
Same earth, this time with the “cloud bump map” added, it was added on a duplicate sphere and scaled slightly larger to give it the apearance of floating above the planets surface and able to cast shadows upon it.

I didnt spend much time on the fine tuning of the texture settings and such as im not an expert at them… but the point is to represent the image maps themselves and the posibility of thier usefullness.

On that note… id like opinions good OR bad…
and if people find the possibility of use for the 512x512 maps used here to make the planetoids please let me know.

I will create the image maps in “packs” of 4-5 images in a zip file consisting of…

  1. Primary Color Layer
  2. Terrain Contrast Layer [if water is involved]
  3. Ground Bump Map Layer
  4. Lights Contrast Layer
  5. Cloud Contrast Layer

i like the moon texture, but shouldn’t this be in WIP sections of elysiun?

I like the moon, but the earth textures need work, especially around the highlight.

i think this was meant to be more of a test but then i think this is still the wrong forum.

um… this is NOT… a Work in Progress… reading of the entire post clearly states that im not creating planets… and my lack of time on the texture settings means that i cant make them look as good as they could be… and thats not hte point of this threat… the point is me telling about “texture images” USED in making the planets… which is a square 512x512 image… and if people would be “interested” in me posting some of these texture images i used to MAKE those demo planets.

yes… were here to talk about the texture image and just that… the post explains it all. yes… the earth sucks… i know… but it gets the point across as far as displaying the images USED to make the things.

its those very texture images and that i am making and if other people would like to use them i am “offering” to make a few zip files and upload them somewhere for others to use.

shouldnt they in a 1:2 size ratio so that planets are wrapped right?(also with stretching towards the poles)

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