simple pong game, w/ AI or 2 player


one of the first games i made in blender was pong… back way back about 4 years ago… well i found the file again, and refinished it…

it has 1 player vs AI and player vs plater

Player 1
A - move up
Z - move down
Space Bar - shoot/add a ball

Player 2
LMB - move down
RMB - move up
MMB - shoot/add a ball


:o Woah nice. I tried to make Pong too, but was having trouble with physics. What did you use for the ball? Is it just a regular collision sphere with no rigid bodies? Did you use constraints on the ball too to keep in in a 2d plane?

Jason Lin

Nice game
press space a lot of times fast for best chances of winning. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes (when I was actually playing normal) the ball would go kind of through the edge of the paddle.

Nice game ! Very good.

really cool! yea, very fun, I loved this. :slight_smile: …the AI could be better though. When theres any more than 1 ball on screen it starts to get “confused” a bit…evenstill, really entertaining. like the original, only better.

Would it be possible to get a .blend file, or a tutorial?

here is the .blend file
i made it in blender 2.25, so i’m not sure how it runs in other versions

hopefully this can answer most of your questions
the physics is just a round sphere boucing around in and enclosed box/container (frictionless) much like air hockey, birds eye view

the AI is very basic, and yes, when there is more than 1 ball on the field it kinda screws things up with the AI. by using large invisible meshs, when the ball is detected above the paddle, the paddle moves up and when the ball is detected below the paddle, the paddle moves down… having AI keep track of numerous balls and knowing which ones it can get in time sounds like a bit too much work for me to bother with. not too great with python.

i think many games today have forgot about fun gameplay, they look great, but they’re hard and just drag on, sometimes turn into more of a chore rather than a game, hopefully we’ll see alot of new exciting stuff with X360 and PS3 :smiley: