Simple Python Script to run Contextual Commands + A Basic Python Intro


I’m trying to move my workflow from 3DMax to Blender. But there are a few scripts I really, really liked in Max that I would like to bring over with me. For now I would like to recreate a simple contextual macroscript. If this script goes well, I have other scripts I would like to talk about recreating in Python later on.

What the script is:

  1. when in object mode, if two objects are selected, they are joined.
  2. when in object mode, if one object is selected and there is an edit mode selection, the pivot moves to the center of selection. else if there is no subobject selection, set the pivot to the center basepoint. else if the pivot is already at the center base, then center the pivot.
  3. when in vertex edit mode, if multiple verts are selected, try to grid fill. if grid fill fails try to regular fill. else if no verts are selected
  4. +more for edge and face selection mode. Don’t need to fill this post with every little detail. But I’ll send over a full explanation when you start.

Basically my preferred modeling style is heavily reliant on a customized version of the script below. If someone would be willing to recreate the script in python

If you feel up to this, I would appreciate it much. Please DM me and we can talk price.

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