simple question (cant find button)

heyya. when your editing objects, you can change the origin of the object to the cursers position.
my problem is that i need to do the same thing with a set of armatures, where is the “centre curser” button?

cheers, D.R


Try shift-s

Best of Luck!!

sorry, maybe i phrased it wrong.
what i need to do is rotate the armature around the centre… origin/point.
when i press shift-s it only gives me the options of moving the whole armature to the curser. or the curser to the centre of the armature.

what i need is to move the centre origin/point to the curser while the armature object itself remains stationary…

sorry for the misunderstanding

Editing(F9) -> Mesh panel -> Centre Cursor

There is no such button for Armatures; the OC should be at the heel of the Root bone (first bone added). You can select all bones in Edit mode and move them to the OC, but beware if you do it after any Poses or Constraints are added.