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First of all, congrats, this is a great idea for a thread(STICKY) but…
Ive got a question that isnt on there, and I know I asked it when I started up:
Q: Ive got the logic bricks all set up to control my little ‘insert lame car name here’ but it goes thru the obstacles Ive created around the track. How do I fix this?
A: For the Object, turn on bounding set to box. For the Obstacle, Turn on Bounding, set it to Static Triangle mesh.
Im pretty sure thats what you do.

I got the asnswer pretty quick, but I had to ask around a bit.

I’ve got one, so please hear me out.

I’ve got the Toon Shader from the GE demos, I’ve ripped it off the file and put into my work (i.e a cube, a lamp and a camera :stuck_out_tongue: ). I create an empty just like in the demo, and I replace the part where it says:

ShaderObjects = [objects[“Cube”]]

I then select the empty, attach an always sensor to a python actuator (“Shader.txt” for this example) and lo and behold, when I press p, it doesn’t work.

Interestingly enough, when I made a simple cube in the demo, it run with the shader automatically.

The console simply says: "KeyError: “‘Cube’’ no in list.”

What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP!! :frowning:

Hmm, I really don’t mess around with shaders all that much (my card can’t handle it), but try this: ShaderObjects = [objects[“OBCube”]]

No, I don’t have edit rights. I would like to though, since I have several tutorials scattered all over the forums. Also, I’m looking for a way to centralize any additional documentation/tutorials I may write in the future.

I find a few things confusing about the wiki, like where exactly would my tutorials be, in which section?

I mean Mal’s tutorial is great, but where in all that would my BGE python tutorial really fit?

Social, nvm, that user is not there anymore… maybe he changed it… I just thought it was kinda weird.

Erm… I’m quite sure I saw a guy with a cowboy hat named “Social” on the Elderscrolls forums… (No joke here )

Do you like have a stalker or something?

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Social - I think the main Game Engine wiki would be the best place for all your information.

The best place to go is IRC #blenderwiki and ask there for rights. You may need to show them some links to the info you have done here. I think they will give you access, you have some good advice to give.

Why not put it in the Noob to Pro? That’s where a lot of the noobs go and you don’t need edit rights.

Two questions.

  1. I have two scenes and on one scene I have some objects on layer 2. On the second scene I have an empty on a grassy field in layer 1. Scene one is named Object, scene two is named Scene. I want to know how to copy an object from scene “Object” to scene “Scene”.

  2. Is there a way for an object to get it’s own name without knowing it’s own name. The copied objects are named different from the origanals and I want the object to rename itself without me having to put in it’s name.

  1. Press Ctrl + L and choose your scene, then go to the scene you moved the object to and press U and select make single user.


I have a scene that is creating objects with the Edit Object actuator.

It’s for an ATC type simulator, each object is a plane(flight), I need to keep track of it’s name, altitude, spd, heading.

I then want to be able to pick one of the objects (flights) with the mouse using a LMB/RMB/MMB, and assign / change properties to the indiviual object

I created the “seed” object and put it on a hidden layer, and created properties for it.

When I create objects in the game however, it seems that when I assign a new value to the property, all objects are getting the same values for the property, i.e I’m not getting instances created with the Edit Object actuator, but duplicates.

How do I create unique identifiable objects ?

Otherwise, I guess a crude way (the only way?) is to create as many unique objects as I think I’ll need and use separate Edit Object actuators for them? Ugly, but it will probably work.

Also, the only way I could figure out how to call a script when an object is picked, is to combine a Mouse(RMB) with a Mousover connected to an AND controller which triggers a message, then have a message sensor with the correspoinding message fire off the python script. Is that the only / cleanest way of calling a script when an object is picked with the mouse?

If I connect the MouseOver and Mouse(RMB) sensors to the python controller it gets called when either the MouseOver OR the RMB event occurs.


How can I put camera so, it won’t rotate when it is following an object? I’m using actuators for following camera.

This will answer your question.

No it didn’t, i dont want it to roll like that.(When you stop pressing, it stops immeadedly.)
If I understood that coddectly, presing up will move camera AND ball at same time. I want that camera follows ball, and it’s moving is limited so it doesn’t rotate.

To Social:
I attempted to hunt down “Social” On the elderscrolls forums (I play oblivion, although i haven’t until now registered there)
Turns out there’s no one, i searched in the memberlist and they were all like:
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Sorry for being off-topic. I’ll continue the hunt on the portalforums… Sneaks off

EDIT: There’s no one named “Social” on the Portal forums either. Seems like someone’s making crap up.
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How do you import multiple .obj files at once? Then how do you apply each object to its own frame?