simple rigging question

so i have rigged a body i made on blender and have everything working except for the armature in the head, i was wondering how to anchor a single lone-standing armature that isn’t connected to another one to where it will rotate by its self. when ever i try to make it move in pose mode it moves the whole armature and doesn’t rotate like the other ones.

is there a difference between a bone and an armature?

you need to post a .blend file, if you want us to help

You kinda lost me in your description, until I read the last line.

An armature is an object, you can grab and move it in object mode. A bone is a part of an armature that can be moved in pose mode. It can appear that you can move the whole armature in pose mode, by grabbing a bone that is the parent of all bones and moving it, but when you switch to object mode, the armature’s origin will still remain at it’s original location.

You create armatures in object mode, and when created they are a single bone. To add more bones, you do so in the armature’s edit mode. If you continue to add bones in object mode, you are not adding bones to the armature, you are actually creating more single bone armatures.

Hope this helps,