Simple Room

Hi again (

I’m going to model a simple room with some furniture in Blender, but it looks like I am too silly to create a simple room in Blender … :frowning: I’ve tried to construct the walls via simple planes, but somehow it doesn’t do what I want …
Another problem is the camera. It deforms the wall totally (see screenshot) and I don’t know how to stop it doing that.
And a third problem is the fact, that Blender removes the wall which is nearest to the camera every time I change the view … But the six planes are all there, you just can’t see them. Please help! Thanks a lot …

Screenshot (deformed walls):

Screenshot(s) (removed walls - two views):


It seems that there is some lighting problem. Try moving the light to the inside of the room. Maybe that will solve your black planes problem …

Also, the deformation could be because the camera renders out a perspective view … in the perspective view, stuff appears bigger if its closer to you …

I agree it a lighting problem if you size up all of the planes just a little more that way they intersect at the corners you won’t see anything because all the light is being blocked. Right now in your model the light is coming in through all of the edges.

once you do what I said above and then move your light inside you can have more control over where they light goes for example if you are to make another room in that same layer that is connected to that one each room can have its own lighting in a render.

hope it helps
Cody Stugelmayer