Simple Scene

Cycles render, 3000 passes. 1 Hour 42 minutes for the first render. Second render, it probably was more than 2 hours (way more… I also rendered a volumetric light in a second scene so this is why it took so much time to render, CPU render too damn slow rofl )

This is my second image using Cycles. Overall time work, could be like a day and something more. Maybe two. Floor’s texture bump is a little bit over the top but hell, I really like it this way.

Final composition done in Blender too. Man, blender is so much fun.

The chandelier I used you can find it here . I reworked it’s shaders to fit my scene better. The canvas painting was found randomly on google and I forgot to save the link, same for the vector image that I used as texture for the floral vase.




Hope you guys like it and I would love to read some feedback!

Take care, Álvaro.